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A film by Margaux Meurisse and Julien Masson - 52mn - France 3 / La ligne bleue
A co-production Barnabe / Les ouvriers de l'image


Mother of 9, Yasmine has been living in La Contamine for 20 years. This small housing estate in Albertville has been the source of fantasies and prejudices for several decades. Victim of its bad reputation, "la Conta" as its inhabitants call it, will soon be amputated: the town has decided to demolish half of it. 

Yasmine, a tireless campaigner for tolerance who runs the neighbourhood's community café, decides to propose that the inhabitants put on a show with her choreographer friend. Together, they will create an original work that tells their story and reminds us that even working-class housing estates have a memory that deserves to be honoured. 

As the buildings are destroyed, the show is built up and personalities are revealed, lives are revealed, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. When they take to the stage, the anonymous people of "La Conta" will turn the page with panache and make the heart of these walls beat one last time.

The inhabitants

1 setting, 4 seasons

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The directors

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