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Arte France, RTVE, TV3, RTS, SVT, RTBF



Discover the little-known story of the birth in New York, in the midst of the Second World War, of the most widely translated book after the Bible.

A daring and innovative documentary using only animation and archival footage.


©BarnaBe/Les films d'ici/Arte France/TV3 - 2023

Scénario : Vincent Nguyen & Jean-Louis Milesi

​Réalisation : Vincent Nguyen


©BarnaBe/InFocus Pictures/France 24 - Avril 2021

Co-Auteurs-réalisateurs : Jean-Charles Guichard & Noémie Mayaudon


50mn - Documentary

France 24 / RTS

Clentelex, 23, is an Ivorian humorist. To the violence of the poor neighborhood where he grew up, Abobo, he has chosen to oppose laughter and makes fun of his daily life in the small comedy rooms of Abidjan.

His fate changed when he won a competition organized in Ivory Coast by the prestigious Montreux comedy festival: he was invited to perform in Switzerland, on the stage where many of his idols started. A dream. A challenge.

From Abidjan to Montreux, Clentélex will make the greatest trip of his life, discovering the reality of a world he has fantasized about. Spokesperson for an African youth who thirsts for emancipation, he hopes to conquer the European public by jostling it a little. But who will this experience move the most?


52/62m - France 3

This is the story of a demolition and a construction. The demolition is that of half of the Contamine, a housing estate in Albertville. The construction is that of the show that Yasmine, a pillar of the neighborhood, is putting on with her choreographer friend to "restore dignity to the buildings and their inhabitants".


©Les ouvriers de l'image - BarnaBe - 2022

Co auteurs-réalisateurs : Margaux Meurisse & Julien Masson


30m - France 2

Patricia, a Parisian interior designer, left everything behind at the age of 50 to look after her father, who has Alzheimer's disease, in a small village in Normandy. After struggling to keep Michel in our logical world, she learned to enter his: that of fantasy, of poetry. In order not to upset him, to prevent his anguish, she lies to him. Patricia has understood that fighting this incurable disease is useless and painful, whereas accepting it - even playing with it - paradoxically allows her to delay its effects. A father, a daughter and Alzheimer's. By exploring the intimacy of this trio, the empirical way in which Patricia adapts to ensure a gentle and dignified end for her father, this film delivers a rare and touching testimony, telling a story of extraordinary filial love, where in the ordeal each has found his place and his balance.

Visuel mémoire père 2.jpg

©BarnaBe/Avril 2021

Réalisateur : Vincent Nguyen

Auteurs : Vincent Nguyen, Jean-Charles Guichard, Matthieu Parmentier

A three-part series on shared homes for seniors, an alternative to medicalized nursing homes launched in the Tarn region 

Capture d’écran 2021-09-21 à 20.43_edited.jpg

©BarnaBe/Mars 2019

Auteur-réalisateur : Vincent Nguyen

Shared winter

Return to the Tarn on the occasion of the opening of a brand new Shared Home which welcomes 5 new residents. Monique, Josette, Simone, Yolande and Sylvette spend their first week as flatmates in the company of the energetic Josette Ancilotto, at the head of the association Âges sans Frontières, who helps them get their bearings. By sharing a house, these pretty ladies have chosen to turn a page together and make sure that, like in a good novel, the last chapter is the tastiest.

Spring in winter

Monique, René, Jacques, Michel are between 75 and 85 years old. Without being dependent or bedridden, they can no longer live alone and. As is often the case, their children cannot take them in. Elsewhere, they would go to a nursing home where they would quickly lose contact with the outside world, that of the living. But here, in the Tarn (France), they have the chance to live an exemplary experience: the Shared Home. A concept imagined by, Josette, a former associative nursing home director. Attaching and out of the ordinary, she is well placed to know that France has a problem in the way to treat its elders. In Tauriac, we followed the first week of a new resident, Suzanne, who at 76 years old is starting a new life: the spring of her winter.

Capture d’écran 2021-09-21 à 19.24_edited.jpg

©BarnaBe/Novembre 2019

Auteur-réalisateur : Vincent Nguyen

Capture d’écran 2021-09-21 à 21.00_edited.jpg

Getting old, remaining free

While COVID is particularly affecting our seniors and has claimed many victims in retirement homes, we wanted to hear from these endearing elderly roommates, who have chosen to age in a less medicalized, but human-sized structure.  Jacques is doing better, Suzanne not so well and René, with his tongue in cheek, still embodies common sense. Newcomers like Patrice help bring life to music despite an unwanted guest at Brens' house.

©BarnaBe/Janvier 2021

Auteur-réalisateur : Vincent Nguyen

France 2 (13h15) - 30/45mn

The Malo's oath

The Malo’s oath is the story of three extraordinary siblings. In the summer of 2021, Roman, 25, Morgane, 20, and Yonah, 13, accompany their mother in her final battle against a fulminating cancer. From then on, orphans and precarious students, the three Malo children fight to keep the double promise made to their mother: not to abandon their studies and to stay together obtaining Yonah's guardianship.

The Malo's oath, part 2 - 33mn

Two years later, director Léa Barracco returned to see Yonah, Morgane and Roman. The eldest of the siblings has successfully defended his thesis, while the two sisters are continuing their studies. 

Capture d’écran 2022-04-22 à 16.51.11.png

©BarnaBe/Avril 2022

Auteur-réalisateur : Jean-Sébastien Desbordes

Cycling for Emmaüs - 45mn

When Abbé Pierre died in 2007, companions and friends of Emmaus from Savoie had a crazy idea: to cycle to Porte de Versailles in Paris, where the Emmaus Salon, Europe's largest second-hand goods fair, is held every year. Since then, the "Recyclade" tradition has been perpetuated. 650 kilometres in 6 days. While following this beautiful human adventure through superb countryside landscapes, we retrace in archives the journey of the man that all Emmaus communities still call "the father": the unforgettable Abbé Pierre.

Capture d’écran 2021-09-21 à 21.15_edited.png


Auteur-réalisateur : Vincent Nguyen

Fede - 30mn

On 19 March 2022, Federico Martin Aramburu, a former Argentinian rugby international, was shot dead by two ultra-right-wing militants in the heart of Paris, on the fashionable Boulevard Saint-Germain. While the investigation is still under way to shed light on the circumstances of this tragedy, for the first time those close to Federico Martin Aramburu talk about "Fede", as he was known to everyone. Not only his family, but also Shaun, his friend and business partner, who witnessed his death at first hand.

Capture d’écran 2022-04-22 à 17.04.44.png

©BarnaBe/Avril 2022

Autrice-réalisatrice : Léa Barracco

Capture d’écran 2024-03-18 à 16.32.38.png

©BarnaBe/Avril 2022

Autrice-réalisatrice : Léa Barracco

©BarnaBe/Avril 2022

Autrice-réalisatrice : Léa Barracco

©BarnaBe/Avril 2022

Autrice-réalisatrice : Léa Barracco

©BarnaBe/Janvier 2024

Autrice-réalisatrice : Léa Barracco

Vincent's House


This is the story of a rebirth, a new chance, another life set in a Belle Époque style house in a small seaside village in the Somme. This house has recently become a home for autistic adults, both verbal and non-verbal. Some spend their evenings immersed in the dictionary, others only say a few words. They live at their own pace, finally in peace. They are more autonomous, less isolated, some work. Vincent, one of the six residents, gave his name to the house. This initiative is turning the page on decades of inappropriate care for autistic adults.

Capture d’écran 2021-09-21 à 19.06_edited.jpg

©BarnaBe/Juin 2019

Auteur-réalisateur : Vincent Nguyen

Inside Rungis - 45mn


After the construction of the Halles de Paris under Napoleon III, Emile Zola nicknamed them "The Belly of Paris". Goods from all over France overflowed into the street, "sur le carreau" as it was called. It was the busiest district in the capital and people worked hard. Fifty years ago, during the "move of the century", Les Halles were transferred to Rungis. In spite of modernisation, globalisation and regulations, women and men, in love with their products and addicted to their trade, give a soul and heart to this monstrous belly, which, after having been restless all night, finally dozes off every afternoon.

Capture d’écran 2024-03-18 à 18.55.03.png

©BarnaBe / Mars 2024

Auteurs-réalisateurs : Vincent Nguyen & François Reinhardt

France 2 (20h30) - 22mn

Capture d’écran 2019-11-27 à 16.01.10.png

Les Tontons Flingueurs : a French recipe

The French cinema has given us a lot of tasty films. But Les Tontons Flingueurs, under its pot luck airs, is rubbing shoulders with haute gastronomy. What's the recipe for such a success? Apples, there's some. Beets, too. But what else? 

©BarnaBe/Dec. 2019

Auteur-réalisateur : Vincent Nguyen

Django's world

Presentation of the film Django by Etienne Comar, through the portraits of its actors: Reda Kateb who plays Django Reinhardt, but also Forbach's gypsies, professional musicians who for the occasion improvised themselves as actors. Bimbam, the mischievous nonagenarian who plays the guitarist's mother in the film, Samson Schmitt, Hono Winterstein and Timbo Mehrstein, 3 great gipsy jazz musicians, guide us through their community, its values and its history, and tell us the life of their idol Django, genius inventor of a music that exhales freedom.

Capture d’écran 2021-09-21 à 15.13.51.png

©BarnaBe/Sept 2021

Auteur-réalisateur : Vincent Nguyen


©BarnaBe/Juin 2020

Auteur-réalisateur : Vincent Nguyen

Cordouan, a castle on the sea 

At the exact point where the Gironde River flows into the Atlantic Ocean, a stone ship dropped anchor at the end of the 16th century. In the night and fog, it shines and guides sailors between currents and sandbanks. Cordouan is the oldest lighthouse in France still in operation. It was one of its keepers, Benoît Jenouvrier, who compared it to a stone boat. Alternating with five other colleagues, he ensures a permanent presence. Since automation, no lighthouse in France is inhabited. But Cordouan, a historic monument, is in a class of its own. Benoît shows us around.

France 2 (13h15 le dimanche) - séries 

Radio Pinpon - 4x22mn

Eric is a psychiatric nurse, and it was his idea to set up Radio Pinpon to provide patients with caring, listening and compassionate help. The Pinpon family also includes Nathalie, a pillar of the team despite her frailty, and Alain, a musician with a broken heart, all of whom have embarked on this human adventure. But Eric is planning to retire. How will those who have put their trust in him over the years, and the patients who, thanks to him, have made progress but remain fragile, react?


©BarnaBe - Les ouvriers de l'image /Janvier 2024

Auteurs-réalisateurs : Margaux Meurisse & Julien Masson

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