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45mn - France 2 - 2019

Monique, René, Jacques, Michel are between 75 and 85 years old. Without being dependent or bedridden, they can no longer live alone and. As is often the case, their children cannot take them in. Elsewhere, they would go to a nursing home where they would quickly lose contact with the outside world, that of the living. But here, in the Tarn (France), they have the chance to live an exemplary experience: the Shared Home. A concept imagined by, Josette, a former associative nursing home director. Attaching and out of the ordinary, she is well placed to know that France has a problem in the way to treat its elders. In Tauriac, we followed the first week of a new resident, Suzanne, who at 76 years old is starting a new life: the spring of her winter


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