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Clentélex, 23, is an Ivorian stand-up comedian. To the violence of the poor neighbourhood he grew up in , Abobo, he opposes humour and stages the ups and downs of his daily life in the small venues of Abidjan.

His destiny changed the day he won a competition organised in Côte d'Ivoire by the prestigious Montreux comedy festival: he was invited to perform in Switzerland, on the stage where many of his idols began. A dream. A challenge.

From Abidjan to Montreux, Clentélex is going to make the greatest journey of his life, to discover the reality of a world he has fantasized about. As the spokesman for an African youth thirsting for emancipation, he hopes to conquer the European public by shaking it up a bit. But who will this experience shake up the most?

A Documentary by Noémie Mayaudon and Jean-Charles Guichard - 50mn - France 24 / RTS

© Barnabe / InFocus / France 24


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