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Visuel mémoire père 2.jpg

My father's memory

30mn - France 2 - 2021

Patricia, a Parisian interior designer, left everything behind at the age of 50 to look after her father, who has Alzheimer's disease, in a small village in Normandy. After struggling to keep Michel in our logical world, she learned to enter his: that of fantasy, of poetry. In order not to upset him, to prevent his anguish, she lies to him. Patricia has understood that fighting this incurable disease is useless and painful, whereas accepting it - even playing with it - paradoxically allows her to delay its effects. A father, a daughter and Alzheimer's. By exploring the intimacy of this trio, the empirical way in which Patricia adapts to ensure a gentle and dignified end for her father, this film delivers a rare and touching testimony, telling a story of extraordinary filial love, where in the ordeal each has found his place and his balance.


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